Wednesday Draw


COMPETITION: June Taylor Spoons (Greensomes) Qualifying for Australian Spoons

DATE        ENTRY FEE:£10 per pair


SPECIAL CONDITIONS:     handicap Allowance lower X 0.6 higher X 0.4

8.30am HA Graham & MF Gibson     with T Wilson & H Ellis  
  L Martin & A Mc Candless with L Malseed & C Twemlow  
  J Best & B Spottiswood with D Park & Z Wilcox  
  G Haldane & C Murphy with S Hill & G Murray  
9.00am P Boyd & J Pollin with K Cunningham & A Gillan  
  A Hobart & F Isherwood with R Hunter & H Mooney  
  L Cahoon & C Fetherston with A Beckett & C Dixon  
9.30am G Hool & R Creed with A Whiteside & M Fraser  
  S Hoey & M Martin J Wilson & E Laing  
  C Wright & S Stout with M Robb & C Robb with  
10.00am C Gifford & L Pallin M Colthurst & P McBride  
  B Neeson & D Courtney with T Davison & C Harbinson  
  G Taggart & J Walmsley J McMillen & B Martin  
10.30am M Malcolm & B Lowry with D McIlwaine & M Andrews  
  G Cairns & A Barnett with D Stuart & D Hall  



11.00am C Connolly M Graham  
9 holes S Tinsley G Martin  
  E Bloomfield A Linehan J Clements
11.30am J McNally S Stafford  
9 holes H Warnock M Martin  
12 noon P Ditty & P Park with M Abernethy & T Crothers  
12.30pm S Parker & T Haldane with R Wilson & H Hall  
1.00 pm C McKay & B McMinnis with M McMurray & D Adamson  
5.30pm A Hall & N Boyd